"She's clearly a morning person...

"Bella Hardy's new album begins with the track 'The Only Thing To Do', a striking and beautiful ballad addressing love and a broken heart, boldly mixing electronics, brass, double-tracked vocals and a strong pop hook for a chorus.  Building from that striking opening, With The Dawn' rapidly turns into a triumph of folk art-pop from an artist who proves as compelling with a traditional ballad as she is with her own increasingly memorable songbook. 

"'First Light of the Morning' begins with a dry, skeletal banjo, is then shored up by brass and drums before it all drops away to Hardy's voice and piano.  It's another compelling performance with strong lyrics and a broad sweep in the arrangements.  Throughout - whether it's the emotional clarity if 'Oh! My God! I Miss You' or the intimate iPhone-recorded vocal of 'You Don't Have To Change (But You Have To Choose)' - the standard of inventiveness remains high.  Bella Hardy could be English folk's Taylor Swift, expanding it's horizon to pop, albeit an arty one.  She has an appetite for creative adventure that matches the singularity of her talent."

Tim Cumming