I've been travelling, I've been thinking.  I've been writing.  I've been writing alone, and I've been writing with band members and new friends.  I've been writing in Edale and Glasgow, Nashville and New York, Kunming, Yunnan, Sydney, Colorado and California.  So many songs with nowhere to go.  I'd like to record an album.  But I need help from you to do so.

I'm writing this at the very start of a long journey, and asking you to be with me right from this beginning, while the album is just a spark of hope for me.  As a brief history of my music making, I've released seven albums to date, all made on my own label 'Noe Records' (named after the river in Edale).   My last album 'With The Dawn' was called "...nothing short of a masterpiece" by The Sunday Times (thanks Sunday Times).  

But, here's some nitty gritty honesty; making ends meet has been really tough this year.  I've had the most amazing opportunities.  I've seen China and America, and even Australia (for a whole five days!), and I've been so inspired.  But breaking even has been a challenge. 

Making and releasing records is not a cheap business.  And pitching an album to larger labels to gain outside help has become near impossible in the music industry.  So here's my plan:  With your help, this January, I will head for the studio, and create the recording of my new album.  Just the audio files.  This means paying for the studio, an engineer, a producer, musicians, mixing and mastering.  The absolute minimum I can do this for is £8000.  I really hope to raise more than this if at all possible.  In the short term, it could be spent on making this recording as good as it can be.  In the long term, any extras could be spent on making videos and promoting the album.  The possibilities are endless.

The record will be released in autumn 2017.  If a bigger label is interested in the music, I might be tempted by a deal.  But I'm very protective of my work.  And the highest probability is that I'll release it on my own label 'Noe Records' as I have done successfully many times before.  Either way, you are guaranteed to receive any pledges relating to the album (CD, signed CD, album download) in autumn 2017 on the album's release date.  

I've pledges that you'll receive much faster too.  Some of them in time for Christmas!   I've created Bundle options incase you'd like more than one thing, but if there's a combination you would like which you can't find, please contact me and I'll make it happen.  

So in short; if you can help to make the creation of this new musical creature possible, I would be so grateful.  Or if you just want to get your pre-order of my next album in as early as possible, here's your chance!  

Thank you.

Bella x