The Same Mistakes

Hey everyone, here's a little something new for you... 
Listen to my new single 'The Same Mistakes' here

In Winter 2015, I was music making in Kunming, China. I walked passed a shop front of TVs, and on the news were protesters in Trafalgar Square, marching against proposed airstrikes in Syria. My diary entry for the day reads; "Saw a TV Screen of placards waving in Trafalgar Square, oh boy what have we done now?" A month before, attacks in Paris had seen 129 people killed and hundreds more injured, and on the same day as the Westminster Parliament voted on the airstrikes, 14 people were killed and more than 20 wounded in a shooting at a Social Services Centre in California. Watching all of this from far off in China, the unfolding of these events seemed so surreal In the following year, as Britain voted to leave the EU and Trump rose to power, I read back through my notebooks from China and cemented the lyrics to 'The Same Mistakes'. I sent them to my friend Findlay Napier. A musical conversation in the form of emailed voice memos finalised a song which I think about with each new news story, and I'm very pleased to finally share it with you.

'The Same Mistakes' was recorded at Chem19 Recording Studio in Glasgow during the 'Hey Sammy' sessions, is produced by Paul Savage, and features, Tom Gibbs on piano, Iain Thomson on guitar, John Blease on drums, and James Lindsay on bass.

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